Due to each service developed we managed to create a complete and complex system that meets all the current requirements of fuels transportation.



Beo Trade Com – Loratel Holdings Ltd group offers the following services:

List of vessels

All our vessels have EBIS certificates.

Petrol Terminal

Our petrol terminal is located in Turnu Severin and holds a conformity certificate issued by the Romanian Naval Authority. A ramp was built for the process of loading goods from the vessels into the tank-wagons.

All facilities have protection systems, for avoiding the emission and spread of vapours and the subsequent pollution of the surrounding environment. The decanting pumps are connected to automised sistems, to minimise pollution in case of any disfunctions.

The loading/unloading systems, for petrol products loaded between the concrete ramp and the mooring pontoon for river vessels, are sealed in order to ensure safe conditions for operation, in terms of resulting gas emissions (volatile organic compounds).

Petrol Station

and Yachting Club

Beo Trade Com SRL has a station for distribution of fuels, within the premises of the petrol terminal in Turnu Severin.

It is located on a floating construction(store tank) and is made up of 2 reservoirs, with a total capacity of 11,242 litres for storing gasoline.

At km 931 + 800 on the Danube, Beo Trade operates a fuel supply station for river vessels 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The company offers the best quality marine diesel as well as drinking water supply, oils, greases, ropes and other accessories for ships.