Private Data Protection Policy

Last policy update: 19.01.2021
BEO TRADE COM S.R.L., with headquarters in Bucharest, 13-17 Sevastopol Str., Diplomat Business Centre, office 106, district 1, fiscal registration number RO17529562 , undertakes the obligation to protect personal data and to comply with the legal requirement and other applicable regulations concerning data protection.
This policy is adopted by the management of BEO TRADE COM S.R.L. in relation with the employees, the partners that are part of the BEO TRADE COM S.R.L. service system and with other entities engaged in commercial relations with BEO TRADE COM S.R.L.
BEO BEO TRADE COM S.R.L. understands the privacy concerns that may arise, which can be submitted transmitted and collected through the communication channels outlined in this policy.

This policy describes the type of information that is collected and tracked, the way information is used, and whom it is shared with.

We review the privacy principles set out below, which contain our commitment to protect the privacy of our employees, customers and partners, both online and offline.

Data confidentiality is an important factor for BEO TRADE COM S.R.L. and it is considered in the development of each of our products and services, as well as in our relations with stakeholders. We are committed to being transparent and open. This privacy policy of BEO TRADE COM S.R.L. explains the means through which we aquire information about our employees and partners and the way this information is handled from the moment we receive it.

What personal data does BEO TRADE COM S.R.L. contain? How do we acquire this information?
For us, "personal data" means any information about an identified or identifiable individual ("the data subject"); an identifiable individual is a person who can be identified, directly or indirectly, in particular by reference to an identification element, such as a name, an personal identification number, location data, an online identifier, or one or more specific elements of his/her physical, physiological, genetic, psychological, economic, cultural or social identity.

Any data that does not fall within this definition is considered "non-personal data". BEO TRADE COM S.R.L. processes the data about individuals such as representatives (for example: directors, administrators, associates, empowered, contact persons) of existing or potential clients, suppliers, business partners, employees and collaborators.
For the above-mentioned individuals, BEO TRADE COM S.R.L. may collect, store and process the following types of personal data: name and surname, personal numeric code, home address, phone number, email address.

When accessing the BEO TRADE COM S.R.L. websites, our servers do NOT automatically create recordings of your visit.

BEO TRADE COM S.R.L. acquires personal data only from the following sources:
- data provision to our headquarters (e.g., through invoicing)
- requests by email, fax, or post;
- submission of offers, orders, etc.

BEO TRADE COM S.R.L. processes accurate and legal information.
BEO TRADE COM S.R.L. collects and uses only personal information based on legitimate reasons and in the way that an interested person may reasonably expect, without any unjustified adverse effects. In addition, BEO TRADE COM S.R.L. will make reasonable efforts to be transparent as to how it intends to use this information and to provide the data subjects with appropriate information when collecting their personal data.

BEO TRADE COM S.R.L. only collects the information necessary to deliver its service and to comply with regulatory requirements.

From customers, BEO TRADE COM S.R.L. collects information that will allow it to manage customer accounts, provide marketing information about company products and service or to provide information that may be useful to clients and partners.

BEO TRADE COM S.R.L. informs the data subjects about the information it collects and how this information will be used. Personal information will not be used for any purpose other than that provided by this policy.

From employees (including potential employees and former employees), BEO TRADE COM S.R.L. collects information that will enable it to perform recruitment, employment, payroll, employee benefits, and the management of benefit plans for human resource management and training purposes, as well as for compliance to legal requirements including audits.

Individuals concerned may opt out before BEO TRADE COM S.R.L. to uses any personal information for information and communication on BEO TRADE COM S.R.L. services.

You have the option of determining if you want to provide BEO TRADE COM S.R.L. with information that you can use to send information, whether it is sent through online marketing, telephone, fax, e-mail, or by post. You may at any time opt out and BEO TRADE COM S.R.L. will accordingly cease to use the personal information you have previously provided but may use your personal information to avoid future marketing contacts.
Regarding the offline activities of BEO TRADE COM S.R.L., you can simply notify the company that you would no longer wish to receive further information and BEO TRADE COM S.R.L. will honor any such request.

Why do we process personal data?
Processing means any operation or set of operations performed on personal data or on personal data sets with or without the use of automated means, such as collecting, recording, organizing, structuring, storing, adapting or modifying, extracting, consultation, use, disclosure by transmission, dissemination or otherwise the making available of, alignment or combination, restriction, erasure or destruction.

BEO TRADE COM S.R.L. processes personal data to provide products and services (for example: executing a billing / payment transaction); for concluding and executing contracts (for example: for the conclusion of a service sale contract); for internal analysis designed to improve and develop products and services; to identify and prevent commercial risks; by transmitting general or personalized offers of BEO TRADE COM S.R.L. or its partners; for statistics, market research, fulfillment of legal obligations, etc.

Additional information is also provided in the contracts between BEO TRADE COM S.R.L. and the interested parties.

What do we do with your information once we get into their possession?

When provided with information, BEO TRADE COM S.R.L. uses it only for the purposes for which it has obtained permission. In general, we use personal information to provide our services, to improve our collaboration with relevant stakeholders and for compliance with regulatory requirements applicable to our industry.

When can BEO TRADE COM transfer personal data and to whom?
• Once we ask and receive the consent from the data subject;
• For processing or providing services but only if the third parties receiving the information are contractually obliged to process the data using the methods approved by BEO TRADE COM S.R.L. When regulatory requirements impose it. We comply with legal requirements whenever we receive requests for personal data from an authority or in case of a trial. We will inform data subjects when we are required to provide personal information in this way, unless it is forbidden by law. When we receive such requests, we share personal data only if we are convinced, in good faith, that the law requires us to do so. Nothing in this policy is intended to limit the means of legal protection or objections that data subjects may have to a third party's request to disclose their information.
• When we believe it is necessary to prevent harm to the data subject or others. We will share information in this manner only if we reasonably believe in good faith that it is necessary to protect the rights, property and safety of other partners of BEO TRADE COM S.R.L..
• If the status/organizational structure of BEO TRADE COM S.R.L. changes (if we initiate a restructuring process, if we are acquired or if we enter insolvency or bankruptcy), we may transmit your data to a successor or affiliated company or to other partners, according to the requirements of applicable regulations.

Except as outlined above, we will not disclose any personal information about our customers, employees, and partners, without consent.

Based on the explicit and clearly expressed consent and only within the limits of applicable law, in order to respond to the data subjects’ requests for service provision, we may share personal with organizations or partner companies with whom we can develop common programs, and which agree to abide by the BEO TRADE COM S.R.L. security policies and maintain the confidentiality of information.

What security measures does BEO TRADE COM SRL use to protect your personal data?
We are committed to protecting personal data as soon as we are in possession of it. We implement security measures on staff, as well as physical, organizational and technical measures. Despite our efforts, if we detect a security breach, we will inform the respective individuals so that they can take appropriate protective measures.

We do not keep personal data longer than necessary, so we only retain it long enough to fulfill the purpose that we have collected it for. As soon as we no longer need the personal data, we initiate actions to destroy the records of personal data, unless the law requires us to keep the record for a longer period of time.

BEO TRADE COM SRL uses the security procedures and warranties it considers appropriate for the personal data that our customers, employees or other individuals provide. The intention of BEO TRADE COM SRL is to prevent unauthorized access, maintain data accuracy, ensure the proper use of data and protect against data loss, misuse or alteration of information, under the control of the company.

BEO TRADE COM SRL expectations for service providers
BEO TRADE COM S.R.L. expects from its suppliers, who may have access to the personal data provided by our clients, our employees or other partners, to observe the principles of confidentiality, integrity, availability , authenticity and non-repudiation stated in this document, regardless of whether these suppliers access information about customers, employees or partners, and consider the supplier confidentiality and security agreement as part of its decision-making process regarding the service provision.

BEO TRADE COM S.R.L. does not enter relations with any individual who does not agree with the outlined conditions concerning personal data security.

What happens if we modify this policy on personal data protection?
We may need to change this policy. Updates will be published online. If the changes are substantial, we will announce the update through the usual company communication channels.
Continuing one’s use of the websites and services of BEO TRADE COM S.R.L. after the date of entry into force of these changes constitutes the acceptance of these modifications. For ease, we will publish the new version and date of entry into force at the top of the document/page.

If you wish to correct your personal data or for any other information or questions concerning our personal data protection policy, please contact us at our company email: or contact the Personal Data Protection Officer directly at, telephone 0040214104405 or by post to the following address: BEO TRADE COM SRL, Sevastopol Str. nr.13-17, office 106, sector 1, Bucharest Romania.
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