From the bridges we passed under, we learned the link between old and new, between past and future, between a completed cycle and the next one.



It all started in 1996 when the company Loratel Holdings Ltd was established. Along the years, the company has carried out trading activities with chemical and petrochemical products. After many years of experience, at the request of our clients and in an attempt to offer more than our competitors, Loratel Holdings Ltd. has extended its offer to transport services for petrochemical products, from the refinery all the way to the final destination.

Transport and sales of petrol products

In this respect, we have initially dealt with sales of petrol products, including their railway transport; later we further extended our service package to also include transbording and river transport. At the beginning transbording was carried out at terminals that were not in the company’s property, and into rented barges.

In 2005 the company Beo Trade Com SRL was born, to cater to the growing demands of our clients and thus help improve the performance of Loratel Holdings Ltd.

Petrol terminal

At the present time, the Loratel Holdings Beo Trade Group holds its own petrol terminal in Turnu Severin, with a transbording capacity of 2,000 tons/day, as well as possessing 5 self-propelled, double-hull tankers (capacities between 1,900 and 3,000 tons) and 1 single-hull tanker

Multimodal transport

We are one of the few companies on the European market that do multimodal transport of petrochemical goods, namely combined rail, transbording and river transport, also ensuring that any losses between the quantity loaded in the refinery and the quantity unloaded at the final destination are within the limit of 0.25%.

At the request of our clients we also offer these services separately.